Carwash Consultants and Analysts Case Study

Recently in the car wash industry we have seen carwash industry analysts and consultants fall on their butts. One recently filed bankruptcy, while another just wrote another new book and still another has failed miserably and he is going to go back and teach school. Interesting. These gurus and know-it-alls had all the best data, sold that data and even charged others for this data and their studies.

Many analysts in the industry help larger carwash consolidators with surveys, data, site selection and reports to help raise money for their clients with investment bankers and/or investors. The carwash companies hire out these firms and in case something goes wrong they can always fall back on their data as an excuse? So many industry consultants and marketing companies make me wonder; “Are you sure you are not justifying the norm of the industry, where everyone copies everyone else and they all do the same thing, make little money and are pissing off customers, so they go for higher per car up-selling, rather than concentrate on volumes?”

Most of these customers butts are sore from coming in for a basic wash and leaving with a $45.00 charge on their credit cards, look what is happening to Jiffy Lube? Same scenario. You know, someone needs to shake this industry and wake these people up. But nothing in your questions leads me to believe that your clients have the balls to make that happen? These are standard questions, typical industry crap. May I ask; “Who cares?”

So much of the data in the carwash industry, which is collected for industry surveys for the four major industry rags or trade journals is irrelevant. Information that only a professor who has never achieved would ask in class project questions. Information that only a consultant, who wants to prove themselves right without looking outside the box and really looking at the industry from a reality based perspective.

Only someone who is interested in attaining Investment Banks and venture capital asks this stuff, no one who is intent on winning the market thinks like that or would even bother with such questions, they are irrelevant. Only a person designing a business plan with fluff asks this stuff. In fact I would NEVER invest in a company putting such irrelevant data into a business plan. But I would have them taken out back and shot for wasting my time and money. For the car wash industry analysts, I have a question for you now; “What would you say?” Think on it.

Illegal Alien Strike and Boycott Shuts Down Carwashes Nationwide

The illegal aliens promised to boycott on May 1, 2006 and they did. Although it did not disrupt our economy too much it did do one thing; it shut down carwashes all across the country. As you are probably well aware the carwash industry in United States of America is by far one of the largest exploiters of human labor in our nation. So it comes as no surprise that when customers went to their local carwash on Monday morning nearly all of them were shut down or working with skeleton crews of only a few people.

Many carwashes threatened their illegal alien employees that if he did not show up they would lose their jobs. However the carwash owners also know that there are so many illegal aliens in the country that finding new crews is a piece of cake. Carwashes used to employ college kids, who would work their way through school washing and buffing cars, but not anymore. The carwash owners would much rather hire someone can pay under the table and even in many cases below minimum wage.

I am certain there are other industries like the carwash industry, which primarily uses illegal aliens as labor so they can pocket to cash they should be paying payroll taxes and pay these people under the table. Another thing carwash owners do is that they tell all their workers to show up early and maker them wait around and only do trey put them on the clock, as the carwash gets busy. Obviously this is against employment laws, but the carwash owners know that the slave-workers who are illegal aliens cannot complain or they might get deported, no wonder illegal aliens are protesting?

So, even if the carwash owner is paying payroll taxes properly they are still exploiting the labor and cheating the illegal alien workers. I think this is a travesty and I believe most all carwash owners should be jailed; don’t you agree? It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen in United States of America to turn in their local carwash owner who is hiring illegal aliens and causing this huge problem in our nation. Consider this in 2006.

My Carwash Location Is Not Your Personal Dump You Malcontent

In some industries, it’s hard to have faith in humanity for very long. I would consider the carwash industry just such a sector of our economy. It seems as if there are some employees that wish to steal the cash, or try to lift items out of someone’s car. Then there are the customers who come up with some song and dance to get a discount, or claim that something is missing or damaged when it isn’t or hasn’t been.

In the last few years the Steelworkers union, if you can believe that, has been trying to get carwash employees to join their union, and you can just imagine the hassle that could be for a small business owner owning a carwash.

But if that’s not enough, imagine coming to your carwash in the early morning, getting everything set up, running a ghost car to test the electronic eye system, and to get ready for the busy day of controlled chaos washing lines of cars in an assembly like fashion, all the while every single car coming in is of a different shape and size.

It’s not easy running a carwash, but it’s even more difficult when you get there and you see that other people have filled up your dumpster with their own personal trash, or used your parking lot as a dumpsite. Let me make a simple statement here; “my carwash location is not your personal dump, you malcontent.” Indeed, that’s how I had felt a number of times and visiting some of our franchisees which owned carwashes under our brand name.

What is it with people? Does familiarity breed contempt? Apparently that quote itself has a familiar ring to it, and isn’t it so true?

Why do people dump their trash at the carwash late into the evening hours? Probably because they know the layout, know that the dumpster is usually only half filled, or know they can pull in, dump their junk, and pull out very quickly without anyone noticing? Perhaps this is why many carwashes now have floodlights they run all night just to prevent crime and illegal dumping. It’s not that other businesses don’t have to worry about the same issues with dumpsters behind their stores rather it’s that it seems like such a common problem for carwashes.

It’s very hard to have faith in the integrity and honesty of the average American when people are out doing this sort of thing. You try to take pride in your carwash and your small business, but there is always someone there to undermine your hard work and efforts, as if the various levels of government and insane tax code weren’t enough.

If they only knew how hard it was to run your own business, perhaps they wouldn’t even consider such a dastardly deed. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.